CM B 2000 G - Doser to introduce two modifying elements in the bituminous mix


The new complimentary machinery, CMR's patent, provides a system for dosing elements in traditional and continuous cycle machineries to produce bituminous mixes with A,B and C addictives. The production of custom bituminous mixes allows to save energy and cut the useless costs related to the warehousing of modified bitumens, by using standard bitumens and adding the desired quantity of changing elements. The machinery has been patented with full satisfaction of the users. Opposing to the volumetric dosing procedure which does not guarantee a precision in adding the modifying addictive - and thus requires the street mantle to be often rebuild - the electronic weighing procedure provides a precise dosing and a high quality mixes production.

Technical specs

The dosing machinery is made of:
  • a dedicated control panel for programming the desired amount of product and displaying the weight set for each production cycle
  • a big-bag emptying device with cochleas
  • a dosing hopper mounted on a loading cell to weigh the amount of product to inject in the production cycle. The weight can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the technical specifications.
  • a conveyor belt to move the material from the weighing station to the mixing device
All machineries comply to the CEE 98/37 directive